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Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 – Best Analysis

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Rivian Stock Price Prediction (2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030) | Rivian Automotive Inc Fundamentals, businesses, future plans and more

Do you want to know about Rivian Stock Price Prediction or Rivian Stock Forecast? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

With the increasing days, new innovations are being done, one of which is innovation of electric cars. In which a company Rivian Automotive is also contributing in this sector. The stock of this company is trading on the Nasdaq under the symbol of “RIV”. So this article was about this share whether to invest in it or not, we will know now.

Hey friends, this article will be basically about Rivian stock price prediction, in which we will try to know as much as possible about this company. First of all we will know about Rivian Automotive company and its businesses after that we will try to forecast Rivian Stock Price. So stay tuned till the end of this blog, let’s get started.

About Rivian Automotive Inc

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030
Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

Rivian Automotive is a company that specializes in electric vehicles and clean energy storage solutions. It was founded in 2009 and is based in Plymouth, Michigan. The company listed as public traded company on December 28th, 2021 through a merger with a blank-check company, which is also known as a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company).

Rivian’s stock is traded on the NASDAQ exchange under the ticker symbol “RIV”. The stock price has been highly volatile since its debut, reflecting the market’s excitement and uncertainty around the electric vehicle market and Rivian’s position within it.

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Rivian Automotive Businesses

The company is primarily focused on the development, design, and manufacture of electric vehicles. Rivian is best known for its R1S SUV and R1T pickup truck which are designed to have long ranges, quick charging times, and off-road capabilities.

In addition, Rivian is also exploring other clean energy solutions, including energy storage systems. The company has stated that they wants to use its technology and manufacturing capabilities to help transition the world to sustainable energy, which is a good thing.

The company has also established hookups with several companies, including Amazon, which has invested heavily in the company and placed an order for 1,000 electric delivery vans. These hookups could help Rivian expand its reach and bring its products to new requests.

Rivian Financial Trends

If we talk about the Revenue and Profit of Rivian Company then –

Rivian Financial Trends

Its revenue in 2021 has been 0 and profit is $-1,019 Million. There was a revenue of $55 Million in 2020 and a profit of $-4,688 Million.

Rivian Stock Price Prediction Table

Year Minimum PriceMaximum Price
Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2023$19.05$19.85
Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2024$22.40$23.34
Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2025$27.50$29.60
Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2026$34.20$36.10
Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2027$42.25$45.00
Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2028$52.05$54.90
Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2029$62.10$70.00
Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2030$95.00$105

For more details about Rivian Stock Forecast, you can watch this video –

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2023

Rivian stock has given -70% returns in last one year and 50% returns in last 6 months from (as of February 2023) which is not good at all. If this continues, we may see further decline in the future. But since few days good growth is being seen in its stock due to which Rivian Share Price Prediction 2023 will be $19.05 and maximum price will be $19.85.

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2024

If we look at the fundamentals of the company, it is not good at all. Rivian Automotive has an EPS of -1.88 and P/E ratio is negative which is not considered good. If this continues then it will be very difficult to see the growth in the company. So if the company improves its fundamentals then minimum and maximum Rivian Share Price Prediction 2024 will be $22.40 and $23.34 respectively.

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Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2025

If we look at the financials of the company, then it has incurred a huge loss in 2022 of $-4,688 Million. Rivian is taking new steps to increase its profit and also improving its management. So we can see some good growth till 2025 so Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2025 will be $27.50 and maximum price can goes upto $29.60.

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2030

Debt has a big hand behind the growth of any company. Most of the good growth has been seen in the company with low debt, it also survives in the long term. So Rivian has a debt of $1.76B which is fine compared to its debt to equity.

Considering these, Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2030 will be $95 and if the company hits this target then we will get to see maximum price of$105. So it is okay to invest in it but there is risk too. If you invest then do some more research and invest at your own risk.

For more details about the Rivian Stock watch this video –

Is it a good time to buy Rivian Stock?

Nope, it is not a good time to buy Rivian Stock. Still, it’s worth noting that Rivian is an electric vehicle maker that has entered significant investment from major companies similar as Amazon and Ford. The electric vehicle assiduity has seen significant growth in recent times and is anticipated to continue to grow in the future, which could potentially forebode well for Rivian’s stock.


The price prediction that is being told on the basis of technical analysis and its technical time keeps on changing from time to time. That’s why this price target is not accurate, if you invest in it, do it on the basis of your research and never invest due to greed.

I have written this article i.e. Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 on the request of you people only, so if you also want to know about any other share, then you can comment. We will definitely discuss about that in the upcoming article. If you have any questions regarding this than you can we will definitely try to reply you best.


What is Rivian Stock 5 year forecast?

According to our analysis the Rivian Stock price forecast after 5 years will be $42.25 and $45.

Is Rivian Stock expected to rise?

Yup, experts are expecting that the stock of Rivian Stock can rise in future.

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DISCLAIMER – Stock Market Investment are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully before investing.

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