Hello, friends The owner of the website efixinvest.com is me, Birendra Kumar. I currently reside in the Indian state of Jharkhand. I’m a passionate writer and financial enthusiast that loves to share knowledge with others that will help them build wealth. Since writing has always been a hobby of mine, I considered starting this blog. I produce articles about the stock market for this blog because I am interested in it.

I don’t work as a trader or investor professionally; I just have information in this area, which is why I started sharing it on this site.

So our main objective is that through our blog, good articles reach the people, which will motivate them to read more articles related to finance.

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Our Aim is to impress individuals with financial and stock market information so they can have a bright future in every home, i.e., worldwide. You can direct your mind to think about a topic linked to finance and the stock market by reading about it.

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